Symbol: A Gryphon’s Claw // Colors: Red, Blue and Black

Alignment: Chaotic // Weapon: Any

Aspects: Honor, Might, Glory, Battle, Challenge, and Victory.

Followers: Gladiators, Monster Hunters, Barbarians, Thrill Seekers.


Always Dressed for a Fight, Zentanna is usually seen Bare chested with one Metal Gauntlet with a Large Pauldron on his Right arm and a Leather Shoulder pad on his Left arm. He Wears a Gladiator helmet, and a Long Metal Plated Kilt and Sandals. He is always wielding a weapon but isn’t tied down to one specific kind.
The Challenge:

Come at me, and you will see,

I’m more than Meets the eye.

I will gain my victory by paying

The fine with your blood.

Glory is all I want, and

Battle is My Stage.

If you think you can handle

The Thrill, Then Face me.

And I’ll Prove you Wrong.
The Great Colosseum:

The Great Colosseum is a place where those who love battle for the sake of battle but not for bloodshed and slaughter. The Floor of the Colosseum is Sand and the Walls are made of the Finest Marble. On the Spectator Seats are others who enjoy the thrill of battle Watching as the ones fighting climb the ladder to become the next to Challenge Zentanna themself. Constantly Learning new ways to Fight these Gladiators have nothing but the Highest Respect for Zentanna and his Teachings.