Once Known as Horiasatruman the God of Fate, is a mysterious Force that guides mortals along their paths. Being to God of fate, he is Highly interested in the Lives of Mortals. He is Constantly Experimenting with the path their lives should take trying new ways to create interesting scenarios. If you ever heard a story about a farm kid growing up to become a hero or Champion it is likely that Horiasatruman had played his hand quiet heavily. To what end none may know. Long ago during the Great war of the Heavens, Horiasatruman had pitted the lesser Gods against one another in an attempt to gain a second opinion on his work. However, having several Millennia pass with no victor Horiasatruman got bored and called off the competition become his Right hand man and disappeared for years. Once he had returned it was found that he had split himself into three separate entities all of which Share the Title God of Fate. The First is known as Yetris, of the Three of them he appears to be the leader and always has the final say when they three try to make a decision. The Second is Horiet, He Believes in Testing before Application, while the Third Rumat, Believes in Application then Revision. While the three of them butt heads every so often, their influence is large even Though Mortals hardly know of his involvement with their lives.

His Symbol is a Hand made of chains.