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Xavius Stands at a Firm, 7ft 9in, With Wide Shoulders and a Body Built like a Brick house. Xavius has the Head of a Falcon but Feathers as Black as Obsidian and his Eyes are a Bright blue. Xavius’s Intimidating presence sometimes puts others on edge but in reality he has not will or want to Harm anyone. He only Wishes to Protect those whom he calls Friends or Allies. He often Expresses his Distaste for Conflict, but understands that sometimes it cannot be avoided. Despite this however he Never Seeks to Harm Friend and Foe Alike. Being the Pacifist that He is, He often Finds himself in Situations that may require Action, but if the Action requires him to do Harm to A Friend or a Foe, He will Refuse even if it is life Threatening. For Some unknown reason, Xavius Has no Memory of who he once was, Trauma Perhaps or was it something more Devious. Only Time will Tell.

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Due to His Amnesia, Not Much is known about His Past.

Peace Reborn Edit

So far Xavius has been Traveling the Desert with Ninnec and Kayde and they had just Arrived at Goldwall, A Kingdom Owned by the Helican Empire.

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None Known So far.

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Xavius has learned how to cover someones back with his Two Large Hoplans. Sharing the Same Space as them Protecting them from any and all attacks that come at them.

Shield Dance:

Xavius exersizes his will to protect his friends and allies. Xavius is able to Sprint quickly to any ally within a 30ft radius and protect them from attacks with his two Large Hoplans. However Running all over the place can be tiring and can only do this for a short time.

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  • His Fighting Style is Based on an Episode of Samurai Jack, where Samurai Jack is Wielding two Spartan Shields(Hoplans) protecting the Spartan King.

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