Symbol: An Oroboros // Colors: White, Grey and Purple

Alignment: Lawful Neutral // Weapon: A Chakram

Aspects: Death, Afterlife, Rebirth, Necromancy, Undead, and Spirits.
Followers: Necromancers, Coroners, Gravediggers, Seers, Shamans.


Xanok Takes on Many Forms and is hardly ever the same person that mortals see. However one Thing Stays the same and that is his clothing, you will know the God of Death has come for you when you see a Man making his way towards you in his Pale white Robe and Cowl.


Lie your head,

For the life you once

Led is over. Do not

Fear or Resent what

You have left behind.

Remember the moments

You shared with those

You call Family or Friends.

For Death is not the End,

It is a Breath of Fresh air

For the next life you will

Breathe. So rest,

And Worry not the worries

Of who you once were.

For who you are now

Is right around the corner.

The Afterlife:

Xanok Does not have a Realm of his Own as he does not feel the need to have one. Xanok Acts as the Bridge between the Material world and the Countless other worlds for the Recently Deceased.