Symbol: A Censer Billowing out Darkness // Colors: Black, Dark Purple and Dark Blue

Alignment: Neutral Evil // Weapon: A Battle Censer

Aspects: Darkness, Shadows, Luck, Stealth, Trickery and Misdirection.

Followers: Thieves, Assassins, Gamblers, Bards.


Tolodric Appears as nothing more than a Shadow on the wall when he appears before mortals. If met in person, He is Dressed in Tight leathers and a Face Mask Resembling that of a Raven. He is Usually seen holding a Censer which Constantly Spills Shadows.

The Gift of Darkness:

I am the Moment you

Need to keep out of sight.

I am the chance you take

When you roll the dice.

I am the Luck you need

To Keep your head.

Realm of Shadows:

Tolodric holds Dominion over the Realm of shadows. A Place that is a Copy of the Material world but Kept in the colors of Black and White. As everything on the Material Worlds, This world Mirrors its Movements as The Material world is the Shadows of the Realm of shadows. Just as the Realm of Shadows is the Shadows of the Material World.