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Ruby Has Long Black Hair that comes down to her shoulders and Pale Ash colored Skin, Her Eyes are Ruby Red and her Lips are a Faded Ashen Pink. She has Pointy ears much like an Elf but it is obvious from her appearance that she does not share blood with Surface Elves. Ruby Typically Wears a Black Robe and carries a small bag at her side filled with Potions and Oils. Another Pouch can be seen on her left side although this one is much smaller and always smells of herbs and other plants. Ruby Also Carries a Sickle to help defend herself from Threats and the like should they get too close. Ruby is usually Calm and Collected and always addresses people with the respect that they deserve Or rather that she finds, that they deserve. Ruby has a fascination with the Wilderness and all of its wildlife Although she appears to prefer Herbs more than anything, Which likely comes with her Craft of Magical Alchemy. She Travels With Her Panther Companion which helps keep her safe as Rubys Ability to Summon this Panther was a keepsake from her mother. When one meets Ruby and gets to know her better, They might quickly understand that she is Looking for Her Father, who is rumored to Still be alive and well But She is unaware as to where to Find him as she knows nothing of her father's Heritage.

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Little Is Known About Ruby Aside from the Fact that she is looking for her Father and while on this quest she joined the Peacekeepers.

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After Joining the Peacekeepers she Joined Nyassa and Talon on their trip to the Mana scar.

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None Known So Far.

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Summon Familial Spirit:

One of Rubys Gifts from her Mother was the ability to summon the Spirit of a Large Black Panther By the name of Nadhiya. The Panther Protects Ruby from harm and attacks any that would do her Harm.

Spell Bottle:

Ruby has learned how to Capture Magic in easy to Break Bottles. This allows her to Toss out these Bottles at her enemies or Friends to Either Damage or Heal them Based on the Spell Within.

Imbibe Potion:

Ruby Can quickly Drink or Have others Drink a Potion that she has made either to heal them or to enhance them for Battle.

Apply Oil:

Ruby can Apply Oils to Either Weapons, Armor or Skin to Enhance their Properties Based on the Oils Making.

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