Symbol: A Three Headed Dragon // Colors: Black, Gold and Crystal

Alignment: Lawful Neutral Chaotic // Weapon: Heavy Pick

Aspects: Dragons, Blood, Power, Might, Strength and Immortality.

Followers: Dragons, Cultists, Sorcerers, Dragonkin, Dragonborn.


Quendarus is a Three Headed, Six Legged, Six Winged, three Tailed Dragon God. His Right head and two of his Wings and legs followed by one of his Tails Resembles that of a Black Dragon. The Middle Head, Two of his Wings and Legs Plus a Tail Resembles a Crystalline Dragon. Finally on the Left His head, two of his Legs and two of his Wings Plus the Remaining Tail resembles that of a Gold Dragon.

The Dragon's Blood:

May our power

Bring your Strength,

May your Might Grant

You Eternal Life.

For All Shall Bow

Before the Dragon’s Blood.

The Mountains of Calamity:

The Mountains are a Large Expansive Area that houses many Dragons and Dragonkin alike. All Fight For Supremacy amidst the mountains and their Darkest Depths. At the Mountain’s Peaks Each Dragon May Challenge Quendarus himself as the God Finds their Attempts Amusing.