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Natallia has Short Brown hair and Sky Blue eyes. She is usually Dressed in Light Baggy Cloth of Various Colors. Her hands and Legs are Scarred from their Rough Use but overall her Body is well Toned. Despite her Overall Rather Skinny Appearance. Natallia Stands at a medium 5’9” and Carries herself modestly. Natallia is Blunt and Doesn’t Deal with Lies, She pretty much always tells the truth even if it would become a problem for her or others that she knows. She understands the Necessity of dishonesty but doesn’t agree with it.

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Natallia is a Street rat, she grew up on the streets of phoenix pass taking jobs here and there. She Knows about the Local Gangs and how to Avoid them as she never had any interest in joining their Ranks not liking their Dishonest Work. It is Unknown as to if Natallia's Parents still Live or if Natallia was Orphaned as a child as she rarely ever Speaks about her past.

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None currently Known.

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Typhoon Style:

While not very strong, Natallia knows how to hit hard with Speed and Precision thanks to this Fighting Style.

Falcons Perch:

Natallia is able to Jump High into the air and Stall herself from falling for a short time as she sets up for an Attack.


While in the Air Natallia Summons forth a Storm of Electrical Energy and Dives into a Target Knocking them into the Ground and Shocking her Target.

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  • Natallia Fights Primarily with her Feet as she is a Kickboxer.

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