Symbol: A Book // Colors: Blue, Purple, White

Alignment: Neutral // Weapon: Arcane Magic

Aspects: Magic, Knowledge, Power, Arcane, Aether, Scripture, Language.

Followers: Wizards, Witches, Mages, Sorcerers, Necromancers, Illusionists, Battle Mages, Arcanists.


Black hair, Pale Skin with Arcane Lines pulsing Blue color through them, she wears Various loose fabrics of Blue purple and white. She has piercing white Sparkling eyes.

Worship Ritual:

Nightshade, Quicksilver,

Refined Arcane Dust,

Obsidian, Paper, and water.

Mix these into a bowl,

Then burn it in a Bonfire.

Begin to Dance around the fire

While inhaling the Incense from

The Mixture.


Most Knowledge about this Mysterious plane of Magic has been lost. While its name is still known to Those Connected to Malonia, None truly know what Malonia’s realm consists of. Some Believe that it is a great Library filled with vast amounts of knowledge and tomes, with rooms to practice such magics in private. Others believe that it is a Landscape of true beauty as magic is everywhere and makes up everything in this great plane of existence. While not entirely unbelievable few believe that Mana, is actually a barren dry yet cold land with thousands of spired crystals and various creatures of Malonia’s design, With Malonia’s Great library at its center.

Not very often but there has been enough written about this topic by wizards and scholars alike, It is said that Malonia’s realm may be infected with something, No one knows exactly as to what has happened to her realm but once is a great while anyone attuned with magic or Malonia will erupt in black light absorbing Flame and liquid. None know the cause but the very nature of this mysterious black essence has been written about and talked about my many scholars. Once a Wizard or Devout of Malonia is stricken with this energy they end up going mad and begin devouring all magic in their vicinity even if it means killing other wizards to get the magic from their veins.

Once in a Very great while Malonia will Call a Wizard to Mana to Sire children. However the Wizard will never leave Mana. These Children are Manorans.