Symbol: A Crescent Moon // Colors: Dark Blue, White, Silver

Alignment: Any Non Evil // Weapon: Star Knife

Aspects: Forging, Ocean, Stars, Night, Lycanthropy, Moon, Space, Dreams

Followers: Doctors, Healers, Blacksmiths, Alchemists, Navigators, Sailors.


Short Curly Brown hair, Pale White Skin, Her Attire Resembles that of the Cosmos, Her Robes blanketed with Stars and Nebulas, and her Eyes a bright and vibrant blue.

Call of the Moon:

When Day Turns to Night

The Moon will Dance with Delight

As the Dark quells and heals

While the Gods forge their Steel

The Stars will Guide,

Keeping all Calm with the Ocean's Tide,

Should you awake whilst under the moon

You will hear her call Very soon.

The Great Sea:

It is said that the Great Sea is a realm of eternal night and an endless Ocean with the Stars Forever Reflected in the waters. It is believed that the Great sea is where many will find themselves kept in ocean's embrace forever dreaming while under the calmness of water, stars and the moon. Many of Luraena’s followers however know that this isn’t all that exists in the great sea. It is said that there is a Small island where Luraena herself is forging many great things, From weapons and armor for the gods or dreams for the living. Despite this however, there comes a time when luraena releases what many call nightmare apparitions. They act on their own accord and not of Luraena’s however some fear Luraena because of this. These Creatures are known to most as Lycanthropes, however these aren’t the only creatures to stem from Luraena’s Nightmares. Beasts of grotesque appearance begin to scatter among the world's causing havoc wherever they go. Although this kind of event does not happen very often, it is known by many as being a terrible night for living. This event Has been called the Accursed Blood Moon.

Silver and Lycanthropes:

Lycanthropes can hold and work with silver coins and the metal in general, Since Silver is one of Luraena’s many smithing materials. However Should a Lycanthrope be harmed by Silver it means that s/he has done something wrong and is being punished by their goddess. meaning that the silver has to pierce their skin or hide to be used against them. Since Silver is seen as a Divine material by Lycanthropes of all kinds the Metal is Very effective at causing them harm should they be hurt by it.