Symbol: A Wolf with Arrows in its back // Colors: Green, Brown and Tan

Alignment: True Neutral // Weapon: A Bow and Arrow

Aspects: Hunting, Tracking, Taming, Air, Animals and Monsters.

Followers: Rangers, Hunters, Druids, King’s, Soldiers, Savages.


Karhnahn is Represented as a Large Centaur Covered in the Furs and Skins of the Animals and Monsters he’s Hunted.

Trackers Creed:

We track for the thrill,

We Hunt So that our Prey

May Never flourish. We Tame For All

Belongs to Nature

And All are Prey.

The Wilderwood Wilds:

The Wilderwood Wilds is a Place of Exuberantly Large Twisting and Winding Trees and Vegetation. All Animals Live here as do Monsters, Kept in an Endless Hunt to become Prey or The Hunter. It is said that his Realm is Endless much like the Hunt that is held here.