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Gwyn was born in Phoenix Pass with her twin brother Felix, to Claudia Pritchard and an unnamed father. Claudia raised the duo in the "Gryphon's Roost" Tavern, right in the heart of the Adventurers District of Phoenix Pass.

As Gwyn grew older, she started helping out around the tavern, including tending tables, and hearing stories about adventure and wealth. The most common stories came about the Dungeon in the center of town. The warnings of a Labyrinthine Deathtrap didn't deter Gwyn. If nothing else, it fueled her desire to delve into the depths to find the treasures hidden within.

Once Gwyn was old enough, she signed up to join the fighting in the Arena. However, being a greenhorn, she was limited to minor fights. Boars, Goblins, the Occasional Gnoll. However, she quickly ascended the ladder, making a name for herself as the 'Blackfeather', and even joined into tournaments. She's never won one, but she gets better with each passing year.

Finally, Gwyn felt she was ready to take on the dungeon. Felix tried to stop her, but Gwyn was hardheaded and headstrong, and continued with her plan. Plenty of rations and water, a few healing potions... she was ready. However, Felix decided if he couldn't convince her not to go, he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he let her go alone, so he followed her.

Once inside the Dungeon, Gwyn quickly realized just how deadly the place was. Through the first hallway, Gwyn triggered a trap, nearly falling into a pit. Felix caught her, but fell into the trap himself. Even though he righted himself, the trap closed, closing him off from Gwyn. Gwyn, struck with fear for her brother continued deeper into the dungeon. Around another corner, a swinging blade trap nearly took her head off, but she moved back in time to avoid death, but the blade still dug deep into her cheek, causing her to stumble back, tripping another trap that knocked her out cold.

She awoke in a small clinic, being told an adventurer found her and dragged her out. However, her brother was never found. Shamed, Gwyn fled Phoenix Pass for a time, not able to face her mother... Not able to admit her mistake got her brother killed.

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"Bandits, Murderers, thieves, anyone that causes any pain to the innocent, will answer to The Blackfeather."