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While Appearing more out of place than most, Bahl’drin’s Personality is almost obvious right out of the gate meeting him. He can be Rude, and very unsympathetic. His Humor is Usually Dark and Crude and isn’t Above Messing with people that he associates with in various ways. Bahl’drin also has a habit of taking more from a situation that most other people and will often opt for Conflict rather than Peace. Bahl’drin is Very Selfish and if he can get away with taking things from others without their knowledge He will. Should he Ever encounter another Dark elf his entire Demeanor will shift to that of a homicidal Murderer until that Dark elf is Dead. He Harbors a Severe Hate for his entire Race, but not enough to kill himself in Disgust, The only Acception to this fact is if the Dark elf Appears to be female. Should he Encounter a Female Dark elf his Personality shifts once again, He appears to Treat them with respect and honors any tasks they request of him. However looking Deeper into this act can see a it for what it is. An Act. He Likely wishes to have a Woman to call his own but his hatred of his own race usually stops him from making any good Decisions along that path likely ending in him killing the woman he meant to love.

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Bahl'drin was Born to a Noble Family of Drow with the Last Name Rylinarn. However after his Family had fallen out of favor with the Spider Queen Lloth, he Fled to the Surface to live out his remaining days as a Mercenary. After Taking a Few Jobs here and there and learning the languages of the Surface Folk he Happened upon a Duo Having Fun in a Park. The two he had Met Changed his life for ever after they had be come partners with them. These Two individuals were Gwyn and Dust. He joined Immortal Peace from then on.

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Was In Love with Sarin Lanaeda, a human Druidic Summoner, who Passed away two hundred years ago.

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Denied Heritage:

Being from the underdark Bahl'drin learned how to sense the Denizens of the deep and those that worship the Spider Queen Lloth. They cannot manipulate him and he always knows exactly what they want.


Bahl'drin being the Rogue that he is always works better when his enemy is distracted. Because of this He has learned how to aim for a targets Vitals when flanking them.

Blade Flourish:

Using a Rapier is an elegant Affair. One that Requires Precision, speed and Determination. Using these key factors Bahl'drin is able to unleash an almost unrelenting series of strikes at his opponents to make them bleed.

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  • "Fuck your Drow, Fuck your Spiders, and Fuck your Queen!"