Symbol: An Overflowing Treasure Chest // Colors: Red, Gold, Silver

Alignment: True Neutral // Weapon: Any

Aspects: Money, Wealth, Greed, Fortune, Trade, Commerce, Markets, Business and Merchants.

Followers: Merchants, Rogues, Thieves.


Ameria is Depicted as a Medium height Half elven Woman with Crimson Red Hair affixed into a Ponytail, With Deep Green Eyes. Her Attire is one up for debate when it comes to those that follow her as she is constantly noted in different Clothes.

Will of Avarice:

Sparkling Glittering,

Shining and reflective.

Fill my purse and make me whole

Richest beyond my wildest dreams.

For Gold Silver and Copper are

All I desire As Wealth is all

That matters.

Ameria’s Shoppe:

Ameria Runs a Shop that every now and then visits the Mortal Realms offering them Deals on Items that many Stores Sell for Hundreds or Thousands of gold. Not being a Picky Goddess she finds her joy Giving these customers what they desire as she in turn Receives her Truest Love from them for her Service. The Items Within this Shoppe are near Infinite as Ameria houses all sorts of Items, From Ancient Artifacts to Cheap Fake Replicas meant to Swindle you of your Coin. It is said that after one leaves her Shoppe they will never see her again so Buy what you can.